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Bringing the Best Latin Style Hot Dogs from across the Americas

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in Orlando, FL

Latin Dogs is a growing chain of store fronts and hot dog carts in Orlando, FL, dedicated to tingling your taste buds with the best hot dog recipes from North and South America. We are passionate about food and work hard to bring the most unique flavors closer to your home.

Explore the website to check out our menu and don’t forget to visit one of our store fronts or carts in Orlando to satisfy your cravings with some tasty and healthy bites.

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Delight in Every Bite

Reminisce and relive nostalgic memories with our explosion of unique flavors! Our hot dog recipes were born out of our wish to bring the flavors of home closer to you.

Try out some great combinations like the Colombian, Venezuelan, and El Completo with free toppings and beverages. We guarantee delight in every bite for discerning food connoisseurs. Try one and keep coming back for more!

What Sets Us Apart

Here at Latin Dogs, we are committed to providing our customers with tasty and fast  street food in Orlando at affordable prices. We source fresh ingredients and remain attentive to every small detail, using the safest and most hygienic cooking methods. Our hot dog artists guarantee a rewarding and fulfilling experience every time you visit us.